Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can this hair be dyed?

A: Yes! You can lift the natural 1B to a #27 Honey Blonde. Please consider using a professional quality hair color for best results.

Q: If I order today when will it ship?

A: We usually ship all orders the same day if placed before 2 PM CST. Otherwise, the order will ship the next business day.

Q: Are these full-size body wave bundles?

A: Each bundle weighs approximately 100 grams or about 3.5 oz. This is considered the standard in the industry. 

Q: My client wants a 16″, 18″, 20″ for her sew-in. Is that enough hair?

A: Generally it will be great! It will also depend on how much hair is left out or if a matching closure is used but should be fine.

Q: I want to purchase the Malaysian Body Wave but I am worried it might have an odor. Does it?

A: This body wave hair, along with the other hair sold on our site does not have an odor like some cheap weave found in some stores.

Q: What grade is the Malaysian Body Wave?

A: It is considered a 7A hair extension. Amazing quality for 100% human hair at our awesome price!

Q: Can I flat iron and straighten the body wave?

A: Yes! You can flat iron, curl, and color this hair to perfection!

Q: Is 24″ the longest length you offer for the Malaysian Body Wave?

A: Currently, we offer up to 24″ in the Malaysian body wave but we do have up to 32″ in the Brazilian Body Wave.

Q: How long will it take for my bundles to arrive?

A: After your order ships it will take 2–3 business days to arrive depending on your distance from our warehouse.


Q: How many bundles do I need for a Bob?

A: We recommend two bundles if doing a short bob hairstyle with lengths between 10″ – 12.” If you are planning on using a longer length like a 14″ you might want to consider a third bundle.

Q: How long do the mink lashes last? 

A: Reusable (Suggested use 20-25 wears)


Q: What grade of hair is the Brazilian Straight?

A: The Brazilian straight hair bundles are considered an 8A 100% human hair. You can apply heat and color just like your real hair.

Q: What are the most popular lengths that I should have at my hair salon?

A: It is always a good idea to start with bundles 12″ in length. The best selling is 16″ to 22″ so we recommend having a few extra of those lengths in your inventory. Long hair has been a popular trend for a while so you could stock up to 32″ depending on your budget.


Q: Are these full straight hair bundles?

A: Yes! These are the standard weight of approximately 100 grams.


Q: Can I curl the Brazilian Straight hair?

A: You bet! The hair holds a curl very well. Wand curl these bundles and have bouncy curls. You can easily bring it back to straight with a flat iron.


Q: My clients want to use the Brazilian straight hair for a sew-in but want it really long. How many bundles will she need?

A: If your client is considering lengths 24″ and above we recommend four bundles. If they are in the 30″ – 32″ then they might want to consider five bundles.


Q: Can I color the straight Brazilian hair to a #27 honey blonde?

A: Yes. The Brazilian straight hair colors very well and to a #27 without a problem. We suggest using salon quality hair coloring products for the best results.


Q: If I wanted to do a straight bob what hair would I need and how many bundles?

A: Most of our stylists will use just two bundles for a bob with the lengths being between 10″ – 12.”


Q: What is the color of the Brazilian Straight hair? Will it match my hair?

A: The hair color is a natural 1B. If your hair is a little lighter or darker it can be dyed to match.


Q: Does this hair tangle or shed?

A: We have had great results with the Brazilian hair. The cuticles are all facing the same direction (Remy) so this limits any chances of tangling. All hair will shed whether on your head or sewn in. Because the bundles utilize a double stitch weft there is very limited shedding as you would expect from a great bundle of hair.

Q: How many Body Wave bundles will you need for a sew-in?

A: There are a few factors that will help answer this. Most clients that want a bob style look will use (2) bundles with lengths 10″ – 12″. A standard hairstyle with lengths 14″ – 20″ will use (3) body wave bundles. Once you start with lengths over 22″ then you will want to consider using (4) bundles to achieve a full look. If a client is using a body wave closure or body wave frontal they may need a little less hair.

Q: What is better quality – the Malaysian or Brazilian?

A: The Brazilian straight hair is a little higher quality and can color better. The Brazilian is a little softer to the touch as well, but the Malaysian does have a nice natural feel.

Q: What color is the Malaysian Hair?

A: The Malaysian hair is a natural 1B color. You can lighten or darken it as you please.

Q: How many 10″ bundles of Malaysian hair do I need for a full weave sew-in?

A: These are full 100-gram bundles so you would only need two.

Q: Does the Malaysian hair shed?

A: Really, all hair sheds. The double stitch wefts limit the amount of shedding. We have not had any complaints about the hair shedding more than and another type of hair. You will be happy!

Q: What are the most popular lengths for the straight Malaysian hair weave?

A: If you are going to get bundles for your store or salon we recommend a minimum of lengths 14″ – 20″ with a concentration around the 18″ length which is most popular.

Q: Do you have a matching Malaysian frontal for the straight hair bundles?

A: Yes. We have both matching frontals and closures for the straight Malaysian weave.

Q: What is the minimum bundle order?

A: We currently do not have a minimum order. If you would like to order just one bundle to try out our product, that would be fine.

Q: What is the most popular curl pattern of hair extensions?

A: No other curl pattern is more popular than the Brazilian Body Wave.